Favorite Child Safety & Prevention Materials

Cool safety designs for kids educate while having fun

Children capture our hearts, let's help keep them safe! Jerry and Karen Favorite have three kids of their own and know how important these safety messages are. Favorite Studios is dedicated to creating dynamic materials that help communities, traffic safety teams, schools, teachers, churches, emergency medical technicians, nurses, firemen, police officers and more teach children important safety rules.

Our safety materials are bright, modern and delightful. We offer captivating activity books in full color on all the pages with cool games, puzzles, mazes and lots of safety tips. Some of the hot safety topics we cover include biking, helmet, pedestrian, sports, swimming, playing, ATVs, buckling up, child passenger safety seats, booster seats, fire and other hazards. Bookmarks, tip cards, stickers and posters also help reinforce injury prevention and potential life saving reminders.

We currently have several multi-purpose safety designs. Each covers a variety of topics for children at different ages and grade levels. The customizable products you may choose from include an activity/coloring book, a two-sided bookmark, a poster or height chart and stickers.

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Sole Source and Copyright Notice letter for the child safety campaigns developed and produced by Favorite Studios.

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